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Past | Present | Future - Drumadoon & Machrie Moor

So we had a couple of inspiring days & discourse at the Hill fort and Cursus at Drumadoon & Machrie Moor with archaeologists, artists & creatives. 

Making a multi-disciplinary space for critical creative collaborative practice to emerge about place & environment. 

Supported by North Ayrshire Council, Creative Scotland, Archaeology Scotland, Kilmartin Museum & Drumadoon Estate. 

Fabulous input from Julia Bovee, Ed O’ Donnelly on Arran’s first foot fall. 

Dr Gavin MacGregor took us on a non linear walk through the Neolithic on Machrie Moor. A little like our non linear route home via Kintyre and Argyll! Dr Aaron Watson also shared fabulous insight and non on his archaeological practice and knowledge. As ever David Bennett was our wonderful host at Drumadoon Estate

We saw all four weather seasons. We covered some ground. Thanks to everyone who participated and contributed to an enjoyable couple of days and to the staff team at the Tee Room at Shiskine Golf Club for feeding us and keeping us on the go. 

First foot fall

Expert tuition from Julia on making Brìghde crosses

Machrie Moor 


Past | Present | Future

Ormidale Pavilion | Brodick May 24th from 5pm-7pm 


Conversation around our recent meet at the archaeological sites at Drumadoon and Machrie Moor respectively. 


All welcome.


If any of the participating artists want to share responses or creative practice that has emerged as a result of the days or indeed the gathering last August, please let me know.


Please confirm your attendance at:


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