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Funding Opportunities

We recognise that looking for funding for your creative project can be intimidating. There are a variety of different routes you can take. With this list, which we will update periodically, you might find inspiration or you might find the right fit for some idea that's been percolating! 

This is not exhaustive, and there may well be other options out there, so please do feel free to head over to the Contact page and get in touch with Eileen if you'd like to discuss a specific project. 

Creative Scotland and Screen Scotland funding deadlines: 

Covid-19 will have affected the availability of some of these funds, please follow the links for their own guidance on any updated deadlines. 

Creative Scotland have have launched three funding programmes designed to provide further support to sustain the country’s creative community during the COVID-19 outbreak:

Upcoming funding or development programme deadlines from partners or funded organisations:

Grants and Trusts funding: 

Dedicated Grants, Trusts & Foundations databases and websites:

Grants Online - Arts, Culture & Heritage

Foundation Scotland

Funding Scotland

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