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Job Description 


Arran Theatre and Arts Trust are seeking an experienced Researcher whose role will be to lead a research project and compile an archive based on the resultant research. 


The Isle of Arran has a rich arts heritage which we believe deserves to be celebrated and documented. To do this, we are establishing an island wide Arts Heritage Trail. The trail will be an interactive way for visitors to travel around the island and visit locations where artists have painted landscapes of Arran. It will see the creation of an archive, and will consist of physical placemarkers, a dedicated website and accompanying leaflet. The trail will for the first time make it possible for locals and visitors to visit, learn about and appreciate the locations which have inspired so many important artists. It will be a tourism draw, an educational tool, and an opportunity for the community to come together and learn new skills. The new Arts Heritage Trail will also complement the existing Arran Arts Trail which showcases and celebrates existing artists on Arran. 


This project is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Arran Trust and being overseen by the Arran Theatre and Arts Trust, a charity who exist to support the continual development of the arts on Arran. For more information:


You will be responsible to the Project Manager, whose role is to ensure the project runs to schedule and on budget, and ensure that the outcomes are being met. 


There will be a local Facilitator who will work closely with you facilitating meetings with a community Research Group throughout the project. 


Role Specification

You will -

  • Research and document details of currently known artists who have created work on Arran;

  • Trace the locations of the artwork; gallery, private collection, other;

  • Research other possible existing artists who have work inspired by Arran with a view to including them in the archive;

  • Where possible, visit locations where the artwork is currently held and photograph it for the archive;

  • Lead a Heritage Research Group of interested people from the community who will meet bi monthly to contribute to the trail and learn researching and archiving. This will include:

    • Introducing them to the skills you use for research;

    • Delegating appropriate elements of the research for the group to undertake; 

    • Encouraging and guiding their own independent research elements for the Trail;

  • Attend up to 4 community meetings throughout the year and give short talks about your skills with updates on the project;

  • Share information gathered with web design team and Research Group to help create detailed, accessible interpretation for the trail; 

  • Contribute to a blog to keep the community updated on the process;

  • Any other tasks commensurate to the post. 


Person specification


  • Experience in the detailed research of a complex topic and documenting the findings

  • Rigid archiving ability and attention to detail a must

  • A knowledge of visual arts

  • Must travel, with Full Drivers licence and own vehicle



  • Knowledge and / or experience in obtaining permissions for image use

  • Experience guiding a team

  • Experience with photography

  • An interest in the history of arts

  • Good working knowledge of Arran and its communities


There will be a desk for work on Arran, but it is anticipated that you’ll work remotely. There will be a budget for travel to and from Arran for essential meetings. You will be expected to attend meetings on Arran periodically throughout the project 


Expected time commitment: 19 days research + 4 masterclasses


Fixed Fee: £3450 plus travel expenses

Application Deadline: 31st January 2020

Job Start Date: Week Commencing 17th February 2020


This will be a Freelance contract. You will be responsible for paying your own Tax and NI contributions. 

To apply for this position, please email your CV or portfolio including two referees and a covering letter detailing your suitability for and interest in the role to by 5pm on 31st January 2020. Please use “Arts Heritage Trail Application” as your email title.  


For any questions or queries about the role and the project, please contact Eileen Kerr on


Interviews will be held on the week commencing 10th February on Arran.

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