Drama Live - Programme

Join us tonight for the penultimate McLellan Arts Festival event - Drama Live - which is taking place at 8pm in Corrie Hall.

Tonight is a unique opportunity to see new work from the second year BA Acting students of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

Each piece has been created by the students and was originally performed as part of the On the Verge Festival at the Citizens Theatre.

Searching for a Sunny Day

They say identity is defined by our experiences. So who are you if you can't remember your past? To save her grandmother from losing herself, a little girl goes searching for her nana's missing memories.

Performed and devised by -

Alice Masters

Amalie Krogh

Mary McCartney

Rebecca Wilkie

Sharon Mckay

Wilf and the Whale

Plastic waste is a problem. So much of a problem, in fact, that right in the middle of the Pacific a whole ecosystem has formed solely of trash. This is Wilf's Island. Kept company by only a few birds and his best friend, the Whale, Wilf lives a quiet life...this is until the humans get involved.

Performed and devised by -

James Thomas Cockrell

Caleb Hughes

Sorcha Kennedy

Matt Merritt

Bailey Newsome

Struken Moon

Five suspects, five motives, one killer, one detective. One chance. Ten drinks, four drinkers. One doctor, no equipment. No chance. No escape. One exit. Twelve eyes, six mouths. Two monologues, nine scenes, three acts, two plots, one plots, no plot. Twenty-seven pages. Fourteen pages when it's printed on two sides. Two sides. Two worlds. Thirty minutes, half an hour, one-thousand eight-hundred seconds, one hell of a good time. Six haircuts. Twelve eyebrows. Some noses. One-hundred and ninety-two teeth. Chattering. Or not. One joke, zero punchline.

Cast -

The Detective & Abigail: Leah Byrne Directed by Caleb Hughes

The Duchess: Courtney Gryphon Written by Michael Monroe

The Commander: Daniel Chaves

The Vicar: Matthew Merritt

The Physician & Mark: Bailey Newsome

The Butler: Michael Monroe

And to finish the evening, a Q&A with the students

Sound and Lighting Operator: Neal Clark

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